The Upper Murray
“The Man From Snowy River” country
of North-Eastern Victoria & Southern NSW
What makes the Upper Murray special? It’s…Our Scenery…Our People…Our Stories The Upper Murray is the mountainous region surrounding the head waters of Australia’s longest river, the Murray River. This mighty river begins at the foot of The Pilot mountain and is fed by smaller creeks and rivers in the Upper Murray, largely formed from snow melt in the nearby Snowy Mountains, Australia’s highest mountains.   The Upper Murray is one of Australia’s best kept secrets with its rich agricultural land, magnificent mountains and rivers and valleys of scenic beauty. As Banjo Paterson himself discovered and recorded in his now famous poem, The Man From Snowy River, this is ‘Where the air is clear as crystal, and the white stars fairly blaze’. Come and  experience the four season freedom and adventure of the Upper Murray, nature’s best theme park on the Murray River. Cycling, walking, fishing, touring, deer hunting, swimming, boating, camping and star gazing are some of the many things that you, your family, and friends can enjoy. There is something for everyone. *** For more ideas and information check out & ……
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