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Khancoban…indigenous for ‘swampy plain’ Khancoban is the only town in the Upper Murray purpose built to supply housing and facilities for workers employed in the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme during the 1960s. Khancoban was built in 1960 to provide accommodation for around seven thousand people who came to work on the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme's infrastructure on the western side of the main range of the Snowy Mountains. Part of the overall plan of this part of the Snowy Scheme was to build two power stations, Murray 1 and Murray 2, to harness the power of the water ultimately destined to flow into the upper reaches of the Murray River. Dams at Geehi and Khancoban were constructed to help control the flow of water through these power stations and into the Murray River system. Workers representing thirty different countries were employed during the construction phase of the Scheme. This cultural diversity introduced new ideas, activities and different cuisine to the resident Upper Murray population.

Khancoban now

Tourism is important business in Khancoban, population 300. The town itself has all the facilities required for a holiday anytime of the year and, for anything it doesn't have, it is only 26 km from Corryong. Khancoban has different options for accommodation, hire facilities for snow chains, canoes, boats and fishing gear as well as a choice of dining options. It also has a very scenic golf course. The town is the perfect place for those who love to ride bikes. One great place to ride is the Spillway Road, which is very picturesque, with views of the dam surrounded by the mountains. Another suggestion is to ride out towards the Boat Ramp Area or Waterfall Farm Road. In Spring see and smell the beautiful roses in Mitchell Avenue at the Lady Hudson Rose Garden, named after the wife of Sir William Hudson, who guided the development of the Snowy Mountains Scheme for the majority of the construction phase. One of the best places to be on a hot summer's day is to be out on Khancoban Dam with friends From mid November to mid March, the Khancoban swimming pool is open for business. This is great for those who want to keep fit or just need to be cool.
The sunsets over the Khancoban Pondage can be sensational. One of the best vantage points is the Boat Ramp picnic area. There are toilet facilities and an extensive children's playground. The Pondage is perfect for fishing (NSW fishing license required), canoeing and other water sports such as water-skiing. You will always find it very refreshing! Khancoban is located at the south western entrance to the Kosciuszko National Park and is a short drive along the Alpine Way from several interesting attractions including the Murray 1 Power Station Visitor Centre (10 km away), Scammell's Lookout & picnic area (15kms), the Geehi cattleman's huts and camping reserve on the Swampy Plains River (30 km) and the Tom Groggin Rest Area and camping ground on the Murray River (50km). Khancoban makes a great base for day tripping to the snow in winter. It is 78 kilometres from Thredbo, one of Australia's premier ski fields. The journey takes just over an hour unless you stop along the way for a picture stop or a break.
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