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Kosciuszko National Park

Forming the eastern boundary of the Upper Murray region, the Snowy Mountains and the Kosciuszko National Park are seen at their panoramic best from various vantage points in the Upper Murray. This park gets its name from its highest mountain, Mt. Kosciuszko. The pinnacle of Mt. Kosciuszko is 2228m (7310ft) above sea level, making it Australia's highest mountain. The mountain was named after a Polish war hero by explorer Count Paul Strzelecki in 1840. The Kosciuszko National Park was declared a National Park in 1967. It now contains 670,000 hectares of land and was registered on the Australian National Heritage List in November 2008 for being one of the eleven areas constituting the Australian Alps National Parks and Reserves. The Kosciuszko National Park contains a large percentage of Australia's alpine environment and is home to many native animals including the endangered corroboree frog and pygmy possum, two of Australia's most beautiful unique animals. Fishing, camping, horse riding and bush walking are popular activities in the Kosciuszko National Park during Spring, Summer and Autumn. In winter downhill and cross country skiing in the alpine areas attract enthusiasts from all over Australia. To find out more about the main roads through the Kosciuszko National Park to and from the Upper Murray choose a button below.
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