The Upper Murray
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Mt. Mittamatite Regional Park

Dividing the Corryong and Cudgewa Valleys is the striking Mt.

Mittamatite Regional Park. Mt. Mittamatite (indigenous word- 'mitta

mattub') is the highest point in the park at 1003 metres above sea

level.  Mt. Mittamatite Regional Park consists of 4,280 hectares of

rugged and rocky mountain country and has been long used as a

destination for rock climbing and abseiling.

Rising sharply from the valleys either side of it,

the imposing mountain park is a distinctive

feature in the Upper Murray landscape and

can be see from the peak of Mt. Kosciuszko on

a clear day.

Public access to the park is via Ranch

Road, which is signposted on the Murray River

Road, approximately half way between Towong

and Tintaldra and is about 17 km from

Corryong. The 16 km journey to the summit

should take a leisurely 25 minutes.

Ranch Road winds its way, initially, through

private property until the park's entrance. The

road is graded and unsealed and provides

many beautiful views of the surrounding area

as it winds its way up to the summit. In wet

conditions, the road may become slippery and

caution should be taken.

At the summit of Mt. Mittamatite there are

radio and aviation communication facilities

as well as a fire spotting tower. There are

two main lookout vantage points, Embery's

Lookout and the Mt. Mittamatite Floral

Reserve Track Lookout at the end of Ranch



Embery's Lookout is a sign posted two

minute drive off Ranch Road, culminating at a

small car park and basic picnic area. No toilet

facilities are provided. A short walk beyond the

car park, along a rocky path, ends at several

large boulders and a lookout vantage point

with a genuine "WOW' factor. On a clear day

in either winter or spring, this is the best

panoramic view of the snow-covered Snowy

Mountain range in Australia.

Take care of the steep descent immediately

below the lookout, especially if you have

young children.



This lookout is a little harder to find and requires

a four wheel drive vehicle and some walking.

The lookout accessed on the Floral Reserve

track looks over the Corryong and Nariel

Valleys. The journey of the meandering Nariel-

Corryong Creek can be traced for kilometres

from this vantage point.