The Upper Murray
“The Man From Snowy River” country
of North-Eastern Victoria & Southern NSW
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The VIC Upper

Tributaries of the

Murray River

The Wheelers-Nariel-

Corryong Creek

This tributary of the Murray River is known

by three names, the upper section is

called Wheeler's Creek and is named after

one of  the oldest pioneer families still

represented in the Upper Murray. It

originates at the base of Mt. Pinnabar in

the Alpine National Park.

At the junction of Wheelers Creek and

Stacey Creek, which begins in state forest

southeast of the Wabba Wilderness Park,

Wheelers Creek becomes known as Nariel

Creek, as it flows through the Nariel Valley.

At the junction of the Nariel Creek with

Star and Jones Creek, the Nariel Creek

becomes known as the Corryong Creek as

it flows northwards through the Corryong

Valley until it meets the Murray River at

Towong, at the base of Farran's Lookout.

This creek is an important source of

stock, domestic and irrigation water. It is

also the main source of domestic and

industrial water for the Corryong and

Cudgewa townships.

The Wheelers-Nariel-Corryong Creek is also

regarded as a good trout stream. The

creek reserves are popular with free

campers and the creekside Colac Colac

Caravan Park is also a great place to camp and enjoy some family fun.

The Cudgewa Creek

The Cudgewa Creek officially begins at the base of Mt. Cudgewa at the southern end of the Lucyvale Valley. Smaller feeder streams also flow into the upper section of the creek from the  Burrowa Pine Mountain National Park and the Wabba Wilderness Park.  The catchment area of the 55km long Cudgewa Creek includes the localities of Lucyvale, Beetoomba, Berringama, Wabba, Cudgewa, Cudgewa North and Tintaldra. Cudgewa Creek is considered to be a top Murray Cod stream, though trout are also caught. Victorian inland fishing licenses are required for both the Nariel-Corryong Creek and the Cudgewa Creek. Both creeks are not navigable by boat due to their size so bank fishing is the preferred option.