The Upper Murray
“The Man From Snowy River” country
of North-Eastern Victoria & Southern NSW
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 UPPER MURRAY COMMUNITY EVENT & CONTACT PERSON DECEMBER 2016 27-Jan 2  52nd Nariel Creek Folk Festival, Nariel Recreation Reserve, Linton Vogel-02 6077 4332  JANUARY 2017 1  73rd Tumbarumba Rodeo, Tumbarumba Showgrounds, Tim O’Brien-0428 488 273 7 Corryong Farmers Market, Attree Centre, 9am-1pm, Kerrie Haycraft-0408 685 900 8 Corryong Men’s Open Triples, Corryong Bowls Club, Pat Sheather-02 6076 1208 8-14 Corryong Cup’ Hang gliding competition, Mt. Elliot, Corryong, 13-15 Corryong Angling Club Competition, Shea Bloom, 0419 5541 756 14 Corryong Men’s Championship Triples, Corryong Bowling Club, Pat Sheather 02 6076 1208 22 Club Mixed Fours, Corryong Bowling Club  02 6076 1208 26 Australia Day Breakfast, 8am, Corryong, Walwa, Khancoban 26 Australia Day Fishing Competition, Khancoban, Tony McCallum 0428 613 070 29 Australia Day 500, Walwa Golf Club 3 Person Ambrose, Trevor Bagley-02 6036 8114  FEBRUARY 2017 4  Tumbarumba Cup Races, Tumbarumba Racecourse, Turf Club-02 6948 2295 4  Tallangatta Anglican Old Time Dance, Church Hall, Mary Aldrich-02 6071 2544 10-11 Lion’s Charity Trail Ride, Elliot Way, McPherson’s Plains Alpine Retreat, Tumba VIC-02 6948 3333 11  Ladies Day Fishing Competition, Khancoban Boat Ramp, Tony McCallum-0428 613 070 11 Twilight Ride to Ludlow’s Reserve, High Country Rail Trail, TBC Tumbatrek, one day bush walk, Tumbarumba VIC-02 6948 3333 11 Corryong Farmers Market, Attree Centre, 9am-1pm, Kerrie Haycraft-0408 685 900 12 Open Mixed Fours, Corryong Bowling Club, 02 6076 12008 14 Corryong Open Mixed Fours, Corryong Bowling Club, Pat Sheather-02 6076 1208 18 Tumbarumba Local Produce Market, Nest Cinema Cafe Books, Winton Street, Laura Fraumeni-02 6948 2950 19 Swimming Meet, Southern Division, Corryong Pool, 12pm-5pm, Pip Brown-02 6076 1616 25  Tallangatta Community Market, Tallangatta Triangles, Marg Rapsey-02 6071 5252 25  Bullioh Bucks N Does B&S Ball, Wyeboo Reserve, Tallangatta Valley, Libbe Wyatt, 25-26  Cudgewa Fishing Classic, Clearwater Caravan Park, Tintaldra, Shae Bloom, 0419 541 756 22-26  Tumbafest: music, wine & food festival,     Summer in the Upper Murray Other Great Things To Do Cycle the Upper Murray valleys- try a different route every day Catch a Murray Cod in the Murray River or  a Trout in alpine waters of the Swampy Plains & Tooma Rivers Get your dancing shoes on for the Nariel Creek Folk Music Festival or try old time dancing at Tallangatta on the first Saturday of every month Cool off in refreshing waters of the Murray River’s upper tributaries and reservoirs Visit the kangaroos at Geehi on the Alpine Way Learn about our high country history by visiting the Geehi, Tyrell, Keebles and Bradley & O’Briens alpine cattlemen’s huts Try hiking, camping, kayaking & BYO horse or 4WD for exploring the Upper Murray wilderness Star gaze on a hill top for front row seats to the Milky Way