The Upper Murray
“The Man From Snowy River” country
of North-Eastern Victoria & Southern NSW
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Terms & Conditions Payment for service will indicate the customer's acceptance of these terms & conditions. The editor reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time. Print Directory Adverts    for    the    print    directory    will    be    offered between   mid   September   and   October   31   the year    before    the    new    annual    directory    is    to    be printed, unless otherwise stated. Only   adverts   that   are   deemed   suitable   for   family viewing   and   support   the   purpose   of   this   directory will be accepted for inclusion. The   A5   size   directory   is   a   concise   guide   to   the Upper    Murray,    including    high    quality    pictures, maps      and      useful      information      which      may encourage   and   assist   visitors   or   new   residents to do business locally. A minimum of 3000 copies  will be printed. Free     delivery     of     directories     to     all     postal addresses    in    the    Upper    Murray     is    included    in advert     price.     The     UMBD     will     endeavour     to distribute   the   directory   to   all   Upper   Murray   postal addresses     in     December,     in     accordance     with Australia Post's unsolicited mail guidelines. Additional    copies    will    be    distributed    by    regional visitor      information      centres      or      participating businesses for distribution to their customers. The   directory   is   solely   funded   by   local   business participation    on    a    voluntary    basis    through advert    selection ,    therefore    no    advert    will    be published unless payment has been received.
The      directory      will      be      set      out      using commercial      printing      program      standards, Adobe Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.   Primary   contact   numbers   of   volunteer   managed community   groups   and   essential   services   are listed    at    no    cost.     Group    contacts    will    be approached   by   phone   to   validate   the   following year's    contact    name    and    phone    number.    This phone     number     will     be     checked     once     for accuracy.    Groups    are    able    to    advertise    in    the directory   under   the   same   conditions   as   individual businesses,     if     desired     but     this     will     attract equivalent cost. Each   customer   needs   to   select   one   of   five paid   advertising   size   options   as   set   out   on application   form .   The   price   and   size   of   these advertising    options    set    prior    to    advertising    for new participants. The   UMBD   will   design   an   advertisement   in accordance    with    the    customer's    request .    If the   customer   would   like   to   use   an   alternative designer   who   is   familiar   with   commercial   printing requirements,    this    may    also    be    allowed.    The resulting   advert   must   be   submitted   as   a   pdf   file of   the   same   size   dimensions   as   offered   in   this directory.     Unless     familiar     with     the     above programs   used   by   UMBD,   it   is   advisable   that   the client   makes   a   mock   up   advert   for   the   UMBD   to imitate.   Where   possible   UMBD   will   do   its   best   to create    this    design    but    identical    work    is    not guaranteed.      Clients      should      realise      colour variations   may   occur   in   the   final   publication   due to the printing process. Customers   seeking   to   use   images   from   the internet,   not   of   their   own   creation,   as   part   of their    advert    design    should    be    aware    that these   images   are   often   not   high   enough   in resolution    to    be    transferred    to    commercial printing .   They   may   also   be   under   copyright and   their   use   is   governed   by   this   regulation.   The
client   bears   all   responsibility   for   verifying   the   legal use   of   any   logo,   image   or   other   design   feature used   in   their   advertisement.   Any   images   to   be included     in     an     advert     should     be     300ppi resolution     or    submitted    in    sufficient    size    to enable   conversion,   preferably   as   tiff   or   jpeg   files. Images    of    lower    quality    will    produce    a    poorer quality    result.    The    final    decision    to    use    the image(s)   will   be   made   by   the   customer,   assuming basic printing requirements are met. A      proof      advert      will      be      created      using instructions   sent   by   the   individual   business or   created   by   UMBD,   if   no   instruction   is   given, and   then   sent   to   business   representative   to amend   or   approve.    Where   an   email   address   is supplied,    email    will    be    used    to    send    proof    for comment.    Unreasonable    extra    time    spent    on advertisement creation may incur additional cost. Once   the   advert   is   approved,   a   tax   invoice   will be   generated   and   sent   to   either   the   email   or postal   address   on   the   application   form .   The business    (or    community    group)    client    will    be required   to   pay   for   advert   work   by   invoice   due date     (October     31st     of     the     year     before publication).   The   advert   for   the   next   year’s   directory   edition   will not     be     guaranteed     to     be     published     unless complete    payment    is    received    by    deadline    set unless   otherwise   indicated   by   UMBD.   No   unpaid advert will be published. UMBD      does      not      accept      responsibility      for subsequent    change    or    withdrawal    of    services displayed   in   this   directory.   Reproduction   of   text and   images   used   in   this   website   are   subject to    copyright    and    is    not    permitted    without written    permission    of    the    authorised    UMBD representative. Last Updated: May 4, 2016 Page 2- Click Here
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