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Online Directory Businesses   and   community   groups   advertising   in the    print    directory    will    have    a    link    to    their websites           included          automatically          and complementary.     Updating     of     information     will occur as soon as it can be achieved. Businesses   participating   in   the   print   directory   will also     automatically     have     name     and     phone number    placed    in    online    directory    in    relevant categories. Community   group   and   contact   numbers   will   also be included automatically. If   the   mistake   has   been   made   unwittingly   online by   UMBD,   then   the   fault   will   be   rectified   soon after    fault    has    been    brought    the    attention    of UMBD at no cost to the customer. Payment Funds can be transferred via the internet into The Upper Murray Business Directory bank account Upper Murray Business Directory WAW Credit Union BSB: 803070 Account No. 100 007 730 Please   enter   the   invoice   number   of   your   tax   invoice    or your   business/   group   name    in   the   payment   description window during payment transfer. Alternatively,    a    cheque    written    out    to    The    Upper Murray   Business   Directory    must   be   received   and   funds cleared   prior   to   or   on   the   due   date   specified   on   the   invoice for the print advert.
Liability The   customer   bears   all   responsibility   for   the   accuracy of   their   advertisement   and   any   design,   copy   right   or license issues . Entering     into     this     agreement,     the     customer authorises    the    UMBD    to    reproduce    all    artistic works   supplied   by   the   customer   to   the   UMBD   for the purpose of the advertisement. Modification   of   work   may   be   required   if   the   editor of   the   UMBD,   deems   it   necessary   to   work   further with   the   customer   to   reach   a   satisfactory   standard. In   this   instance   UMBD   will   ask   the   customer   to approve   final   copy,   which   may   be   verbal   or   in writing   and   final   acknowledgement   will   be   made on satisfactory completion by advert payment. The   UMBD   reserves   the   right   not   to   upload   or print    information    provided    by    a    business    or community     group     or     organisation     until     full payment has been received . The   UMBD   will   endeavor   to   ensure   that   delivery of    directories    to    Upper    Murray    postal    boxes occurs   when   stated   above,   but   will   not   be   held responsible   if   delays   occur   due   to   the   activities   of a     third     party     essential     to     the     printing     and distribution process. The   arrangement   of   adverts   in   the   directory   in either    print    or    online    form    will    be    at    the discretion       of       the       editor.       Alphabetical arrangement    will    occur    when    adverts    are grouped.
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