The Upper Murray
“The Man From Snowy River” country
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Towong…indigenous for ‘go away Towong is a small Upper Murray hamlet located 11 km north of Corryong. It is renown for its beautiful views of the Murray River and the Snowy Mountains.  A gold rush at Kiandra in the heart of the Snowy Mountains was in full swing in 1859-60 and many hopeful miners from other gold fields flocked to the area from all directions. Many coming from the west traversed the Upper Murray countryside before reaching Kiandra. The site of the current Towong township beside the Murray River was a commonly used crossing point as was the Welaregang ford near Tintaldra. Due to the activity this traffic movement created, the Towong site was an obvious place for the development of a township and around this time the subdivision of land began. One of the first businesses to operate in Towong was the Towong Hotel. Conrad and Catherine Klippel were the publicans of this establishment in 1865.
This early subdivision of Towong  created the belief to some that it might become a site for the first major town in the Upper Murray.
Around this time the Victorian Land Acts which provided many ordinary families with the first real opportunity of property ownership were enacted. Early speculators pushed the land prices upwards. Then came the rain and periodic flooding of the Murray River across the lower lying Towong flood plains.  Consequently the close proximity to the Murray River and the high land prices worked against the development as a town and eventually an alternative town site, at Corryong, was chosen. Horse Racing One of the earliest forms of community entertainment in the Upper Murray was horse racing. It has been reported that initially the community held a race meeting on the river flats of Towong Station in the late 1860s. Its success led to the adoption of a public reserve as a site for a dedicated race track. The first race meeting at the Towong Racecourse was held in 1871. Horse races gave local land owners the opportunity to test the breeding genetics of their horses against those of others. They have also over the ensuing years been the launching pad for a number of successful careers in horse racing, including that of steeplechase jockey Billy  Murrell (1920s) and trainer Charlie Wheeler,  who trained two Melbourne Cup winners, The Parisian (1911) and Patrobus (1915).

Towong Hill Station

One of the few large properties that can

retrace its history back to the days of the

early European pioneers, Towong Hill

Station has many stories to tell.  For the

past four generations, the Mitchell family

have called Towong Hill Station home.

Perched on top of a hill overlooking the Murray River  and the Snowy Mountains, the Station Homestead was once home to the late Elyne Mitchell,  author of many books including the Silver Brumby series. The Silver Brumby stories, based on wild horses in the Snowy Mountains, have been loved by readers for many decades. The movie of 'The Silver Brumby', starring Russell Crowe and Caroline Goodall, celebrated its premiere in the Memorial Hall in Corryong in the early 1990s.

The Towong Bridge

The Towong Rest and Camping Area,

beside the Murray River and the historic

Towong Bridge, is a popular place for

picnics, fishing, free camping and

swimming, though the current can be

quite fast and unpredictable.