The Upper Murray
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Upper Murray


The Upper Murray has two readily accessible waterfalls, the Cudgewa Bluff Falls in the Burrowa Pine Mountain National Park and the Paddy's River Falls, 20 kilometres north of Tooma on the Tooma Road to Tumbarumba. Both are perfect destinations for picnics or for just a bit of quiet contemplation time.

Cudgewa Bluff Falls

The Cudgewa Bluff Falls is located 18 km

from Cudgewa,18 km from Tintaldra and

25 km from Corryong.

The waterfall is located on the Bluff

Falls Road within the Burrowa Pine

Mountain National Park. This road is

located off the Cudgewa North Road,

which links the Walwa township and the

Cudgewa Valley via the National Park.

At the entrance of the park, the Bluff Falls

free camping area has toilet facilities

and it is the starting point for the Bluff

Falls walking trail up to the Cudgewa Bluff

Falls. Alternatively, there is a car park is

located approximately 3 km from the Park

Entrance, 250 m from the waterfall.

Bluff Falls can be viewed from the top, at

car park level and from its base,

depending on how energetic and capable

visitors may be.

If disability makes walking the extra 250

m to the waterfall from the car park too

difficult, it is possible to obtain a key from

the Corryong Visitor Information Centre

to unlock the gate to gain closer wheel

chair access to the falls.

Both car parks have basic picnic and

barbeque facilities. There is a toilet at the

camping area but not at the actual falls.

Paddy’s River Falls

Paddy’s River Falls is located two

kilometres off the Tooma Road, twenty

kilometres north of the Tooma township

and about ten kilometres from


A signpost marks the entrance to the

two kilometre unsealed road which

winds its way through native bush land

to the Paddy's River Falls car park.

An easy one minute stroll from the car

park will take visitors to a lookout area,

where the river and falls can be seen.

A stepped walk way leads down to the

base of the falls. At an easy pace, the

descent takes less than five minutes.

The falls are created by water cascading over hard columns of basalt, with its characteristic shape.

The car park area, above the falls, has

tables, barbeques and toilet facilities.